about sarah.



to make a long story short…
» i’ve lived in Michigan my whole life
» i’m married (!!!!!!!) to a wonderful man (Ryan) and we have three crazy dogs and one lovable cat
» Ryan and i were baptized within six months of each other and we helped dunk each other
» i’m an athlete and a singer and a lover of food
» my sweet tooth is WAY too big
» i cry at almost every wedding i shoot
» i literally listen to just about every genre of music
» my feet are almost always cold and living in an incubator doesn’t sound all that bad
» i’m somewhat OCD, but only about a very select number of things


right off the bat, there’s one thing you have to know about me… i really, really [and i mean really] love what i do. i love photography and i believe so deeply in the power of a moment. i’m blessed beyond belief to call this hobby a profession and i can’t thank those that have helped me along the way enough. it truly is the highest privilege that i’ve ever been afforded to not have to work a day in my life. my mission as your photographer/videographer is to see things that you’re unable to see. i want to tell the story of your love through my imagery. my eyes are on the look out for moments packed with emotion; those small instants that pass us by every day; the ones we take for granted, but they’re the reason we’re here. i don’t just want to give you a polished collection of photos – i want to give you your life’s most cherished memories captured just as naturally as they happen. not staged. not fake or rehearsed. no acting or cheesy smiles required.


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Michigan-based photography for family photos, wedding photography, high school senior photos, and more by sarah faith images. sarah faith images is owned and operated by Sarah Faith Schumacher, experienced wedding photographer and wedding videographer, serving the Metro Detroit Michigan area. Sarah operates out of Sylvan Lake, Michigan and offers documentary-style, natural light, creative, personal, artistic photography to her clients both in Michigan and in the Unites States, specifically Ohio, Illinois, Maine, and Indiana. Her work has been published both locally and nationally.